Unpopular Opinion

I’m going to put this under a ‘Read More’ as soon as I can get access to a computer.

I’m really unhappy and uncomfortable with the fact that Wes is going to be a crime lord. Everyone is all “That’s so badass!” when really, it’s not. Not to me, anyway.

I think very highly of Wes. I think he’s a great friend and a great person, very fun and very talented and very responsible. He’s smart, funny, and witty. Basically, I love him.

I don’t think so highly of the mafia.

These days, there is a very idealistic, fantasy version of the mafia when it comes to a person’s mind. With a fearless leader who underneath the fact that he lies and steals and murders has a heart of gold and loves his family and is just misunderstood. I, quite frankly, think that this is bullshit. And the fact that Wes, beautiful funny witty Wes, is going into this less-than-respectable profession upsets and disappoints me.

I want Wes to refuse it. I want Wes to tell his parents that, “No, I will not make people suffer just because you want me to inherit the family business.” But I seriously doubt this is going to happen, because I saw how much Wes loved his family in E26p3. I saw how much respect he had for his father and how much love he had for his sisters and I know that Wes is going to do what his parents expect of him, if only to repay him for adopting him. I wish he wouldn’t, but he will. And the thought alone makes me want to cry.

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