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What if mermaids live really long - and the longer they live, the bigger they grow?

(I guess the bigger they grow, the harder it is for them to stick their torso and even their head out of the water. That’s why no one ever sees the big ones. And definitely never the huge ones.)

A bit late to the party, but here’s my contribution to Julie Dillon’s Catalog of Merfolk. I didn’t have nearly as much time to finish this as I wanted, but I have to be up in 5 hours so this will have to do!

This is an awesome idea!

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Original Broadway Cast - Masquerade

Can I just express how much I like the gracious dancing of the original Raoul and Christine? You really can tell they were both dancers. 

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the amount of kanye heads that I just cut out for stickers is sickening and disgusting

imagei will slowly make this pile grow 

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Come on, men. We didn’t come all this way just to look at it.

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Steampunk Avengers

In which Tony is a former weapons manufacturer with his faithful automaton Jarvis, the hellicarrier is a mechanical balloon and the Avengers are a group drawn together by a new villain.

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Vampire @ theMADMARI

this illustration is mine, please do not remove the credits.

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"I think Muslims and non-Muslims alike should refuse to refer to ISIS as “The Islamic State.” They are not a state, they’re definitely not Islamic, they’re not even THE! Calling them “The Islamic State” legitimizes them and their perverse claim to such a name. Don’t do it, and discourage others from doing it as well."

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